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Game of Life

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A Great Adventure
Military Minds

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RGB Sliders
Random Palette Generator
Alchahemistry (WIP)

"Calculator" is my attempt at building a graphing calculator in a browser.

It has function and parametric modes. Higher precision values slow down calculations. It has no visual effect over 500. Default click detection will look at the point on the function directly in line with the cursor on the vertical axis. Nearest calculates the nearest point on the graph instead.

The RGB sliders page is just a set of basic rgb sliders with not much else that set the background color of the page via the sliders.

This copy of Alchahemistry is my work in progress version where I'm planning on reinventing the alchemy system as well as adding a semi-3d enviroment and a turn-based combat system.

Currently, It's just a 3d bedroom made entirely of html and css code. Eventually, It will include a customizable base containing a forge, and an enchanting station which will make up the "alchemy" system in the new system. In addition there will be more story and multiplayer options including opening worlds for specific players to join and a global battlefield.