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NamePantheonAlignmentAreas of ConcernDomainsFavored Weapon
SkadwalthGods of the People of ShadowsNGShadows, Creation, Defense, Night, Work, Magic, Knowledge, Diplomacy, War, Power, the Mind, the SoulDarkness, Good, Magic, ProtectionRapier
KyrodyaGods of the People of ShadowsLGDeath, Birth, the Afterlife, DutyDeath, Good, Healing, Law, ReposeScythe
VulrigiGods of the People of ShadowsCGMoon, Night, Nature, DefenseAnimal, Chaos, Darkness, Good, PlantLongsword
AralythGods of the People of ShadowsCGGood Drow, Secrets, Hiding, LoyaltyArtifice, Chaos, Good, Nobility, TrickeryShortsword
SmincaGods of the People of ShadowsNGHard Work, the Forge, Providing, CreationArtifice, Earth, Fire, Good, StrengthWarhammer
KnulGods of the People of ShadowsNKnowledge, Magic, Creativity, InventionArtifice, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, VoidSpiked Chain
ValtharGods of the People of ShadowsCGWar, Defense, Combat, DeathChaos, Glory, Good, Protection, WarGreatsword
FreornGods of the People of ShadowsNGCommunity, Friendship, Camaraderie, DiplomacyCharm, Community, Good, Healing, LiberationSickle
TrangGods of the People of ShadowsLNTrade, Commerce, Travel, StructuresArtifice, Law, Luck, Travel, WaterDagger
DemningGods of the People of ShadowsLGLaw, Order, Cities, JusticeGood, Law, Nobility, Protection, RuneCudgel (Greatclub)
KundrakNoneNGProtection, Reality, Magic, WishesGood, Magic, Protection, Rune, Strength, VoidGreatsword
VorpmalcideNoneNGHoly War, ExecutionGlory, Good, Strength, WarGreatsword
AkratheshThe Porceakran GodsNGBodies of Water, The Porceakran, Weather, WindAir, Good, Water, WeatherGreatsword
IndrakThe Porceakran GodsCNFire, Volcanoes, Calamities, Wrath, PowerDestruction, Earth, Fire, Independence, StrengthSpear
TitanFuuristyrNGiants, The World, Might, Death, The DeadDeath, Earth, Glory, Repose, StrengthBattleaxe