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Race Points: 26
Mandriff arrived in these lands long ago, sailling on massive wooden ships, but those aboard claimed no knowledge of where they came from or how the ships were constructed and no one was able to identify either design nor the materials the ships were made from. Since then mandriff have formed an almost tribalistic society in the jungles, clearing portions of the trees where they build elaborate structures that house entire towns. The structures are often made out of mostly wood with stone bases and shaped like many step pyrmids of different sizes atop each other. Mandriff are known for being highly skilled, both on and off the battlefields.
Physical Description: Each mandriff has the head and body of a different animal, but all of them have a human neck and torso, generally one rippling with muscle, where the animal's neck would otherwise be. Each mandriff always has the head and body of of the same animal. These animals always have four legs (though some may use what would otherwise be used as arms as the front legs), do not possess wings, and are not aquatic or amphibious. Because of the added weight of the torso, mandriff generally cannot lift their front legs off the ground, at least not for very long, even if these legs would normally be easy or even common for the animal to lift.
It is most common for mandriff to be large sized and have the body of large sized creatures, in which case they bear a human-like torso sized like a normal Medium sized human.
Society: Mandriff tribes are generally lead by a chieftain who dwells atop the largest pyramid in the center of the town. Orders come down from him, directing how resources and trade should be mananaged, where to send the hunting parties, and many other aspects of communal life. He is advised by a number of advisors that come from all walks of life and provide expert opinions on various going ons and strategy throughout his domain. The people of these towns generally live simple life, most train in a craft or other profession and all attend traditional mandatory combat training where they train in various forms of combat from hand-to-hand to sword-play to archery.
Relations: Mandriff are familiar with the unfamiliar, given that every memeber of their race has the features of a random animal, and attempt to work with other races on their borders. Other races, in turn, often apreciate the trade and aid but feel intimidated somewhat by the mandriff's forms.
Alignment and Religion: Most mandriff are neither particularly lawful nor chaotic and while the majority is true neutral, many are good-aligned and evil-aligned individuals are not wholly uncommon.
Many mandriff do not follow any religion but their culture is filled with references to "The Great Chieftan". This figure was found in what mythology they had when they first arrived and carved in murals inside their ships but it is unknown if they are a figure from their history or one that is prophesied to come.
Adventurers: Mandriff are trained for combat and often work in tight groups. This lends itself well to the adventuring life leading many to seek it out. Large mandriff seek out adventuring less commonly than other, largely due their increased size making it difficult to fit in lands inhabited by smaller creatures.
Mandriff, Large Racial TraitsBack to Top
+4 Strength, -2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom: Mandriff are and strong and wise people but are not known for being the most clever or advanced. Large sized mandriff also face the issue of their size reducing their overall maneuverability.
Large: Most mandriff are Large creatures and gain a -1 penalty to their AC, a -1 penalty on attack rolls, a +1 size bonus on combat maneuver checks and to their Combat Maneuver Defense, and a -4 penalty on Stealth checks.
Monstrous Humanoid: Mandriff are monstrous humanoids.
Fast Speed: Large mandriff have a base speed of 40 feet.
Darkvision: Mandriff have darkvision to a range of 60 feet.
Scent: Mandriff have the scent special ability.
Bond to the Land: Mandriff gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC when in a specific terrain type selected from the ranger's list of favored terrains. This choice is made at character creation, and cannot be changed.
Natural Armor: Mandriff's hides are thick on their larger animal-like sections that grant a +1 natural armor bonus to the AC.
Skilled: Mandriff gain an additional skill rank at 1st level and one additional skill rank whenever they gain a level.
Natual Attack: Mandriff gain either a bite or gore natural attack. These are primary natural attacks that 1d8 points of damage.
Optionally, some mandriff may have two hoof attacks instead. These attacks are secondary attacks that deal 1d6 points of damage.
Quadruped: Mandriff possess four legs and two arms, granting them a +4 racial bonus to CMD against trip attempts. In addition, mandriff use weapons and armor as if they were Medium sized (instead of Large).
Languages: Mandriff begin play speaking Common and Mandriff. Mandriff with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).
RP: 19/22 Monstrous Humanoid (3 RP) OR{ Large (7 RP) +2 Str, -2 Dex Medium (0 RP) Small (0 RP) } Normal Speed (0 RP) Standard (0 RP) +2 Con, +2 Wis, -2 Int Linguist (1 RP) Start speaking Commonn and Mandriff. Can know any Bond to the Land (2 RP) +2 dodge bonus to Natural Armor (2 RP) +1 natural armor Skilled (4 RP) Natural Attack (1 RP) Quadruped (2 RP) Scent (4 RP)