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The Ten EssencesBack to Top
The Ten Essences is the traditional Vorin term associated with both Soulcasting properties and the Heralds.
Each Essence is connected to a particular gemstone. In order to Soulcast an object into a new material, a Soulcaster must use the gemstone that corresponds to the new material's Essence.
Modern Vorin teachings connect each Essence with a Herald and that Herald's divine attributes.
Vorin doctrine also associates each Essence with a "Body Focus" related to the human body. Khriss believes that the concept is attributable to Vorin philosophy rather than any actual aspect of Rosharan Investiture. However, it may in fact have some significance. Body Focuses do not directly correspond to Hemalurgic bindpoints, but there is a loose relationship.
Number Gemstone Essence Body Focus Soulcasting Properties Divine Attributes
Primary Essence Secondary Essence Tertiary Essence
1 Jes Sapphire Zephyr Inhalation Air (Standard For Area) Standard Atmospheric Gases Other Transparent Gases Protecting Leading
2 Nan Smokestone Vapor Exhalation Smoke Fog Other Opaque Gases Just Confident
3 Chach Ruby Spark The Soul Fire Brave Obedient
4 Vev Diamond Lucentia The Eyes Quartz Glass, Transparent Crystals Translucent Minerals Loving Healing
5 Palah Emerald Pulp The Hair Wood Leaves, Stems Fruit, Grains, Other Parts of Plants Learned Giving
6 Shash Garnet Blood The Blood Blood Water Other Non-Oil Liquids Creative Honest
7 Betab Zircon Tallow Oil Vegetable Oil Other Translucent Oils Other Oils Wise Careful
8 Kak Amethyst Foil The Nails Iron Base Metals (Lead, Tin, etc.) Other Metals (Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Mithral, Adamantine), etc. Resolute Builder
9 Tanat Topaz Talus The Bone Stone (Standard For Area) Generic Rock Luxury Stone (Marble, Granite), Entirely Opaque Minerals Dependable Resourceful
10 Ishi Heliodor Sinew Flesh Skin-like Flesh Meaty Flesh Other Flesh and Organic Animal Materials Pious Guiding
This stat block goes with the Cosmere setting.