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Full LashingAdhesionInfuse a region that tightly adheres to other objects.
Basic LashingGravitationChange the direction of gravity for a touched creature or object.
Half LashingGravitationCancel out the direction of gravity for a touched creature or object.
Practiced LashingGravitationGrants you a gravitic flight speed.
DecayDivisionCause touched object or creature to crumble, burn, or otherwise break down.
SlickingAbrasionTouched surface becomes slick.
Anti-SlickingAbrasionTouched surface becomes easy to hold onto.
GrowthProgressionMakes one or more plants grow.
RegrowthProgressionHeals touched creature.
LightweavingIlluminationCreates a visual illusion.
SoulcastingTransformationTransmutes the substance of an object into something else.
ElsecallingTransportationTransports you and up to 7 other creatures to another plane.
StoneshapingCohesionStone becomes easy to shape.
Stoneshaping, GreaterCohesionStone takes forms on command.
Harden/SoftenTensionTouched object becomes harder or softer.
Reverse LashingSpecialTouched object attracts other objects.
This stat block goes with the Cosmere setting.