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Fiendish Damage ResistanceCommonEnosrian9Your demonic ancestry has granted you some resistances against attacks though these can be overcome by a properly prepared opponent.
Vestigial WingsCommonEnosrian1You can spread your wings to glide safely to the ground.
Enlarged WingsCommonEnosrian5Your wings have begun to grow allowing you to fly through the air in short bursts at half your land Speed.
Strengthening-WingsCommonEnosrian9You unfold your wings for travel and can keep them unfolded for 10 minutes.
Full FlightCommonEnosrian13Strengthening WingsYou gain the effects of Strengthening Wings at all times, rather than just once per day for 10 minutes.
Thyllkthoron LoreCommonEnosrian1You've studied the history of your people as well as their traditions, enemies, and skills.
Thyllkthoron Weapon FamiliarityCommonEnosrian1You prefer finer weapons and the weapons of your people's goddess.
Thyllkthoron Weapon ExpertiseCommonEnosrian13Thyllkthoron Weapon FamiliarityYour Thyllkthoron affinity blends with your class training, granting you great skill with Thyllkthoron weapons.
Thyllkthoron Weapon FinesseCommonEnosrian5Thyllkthoron Weapon FamiliarityYou are attuned to the weapons of your Thyllkthoron ancestors and are particularly deadly when using them.
Fiendish Energy ResistanceCommonEnosrian5Your demonic ancestry has granted you some resistances to energy.
Alluring VoiceCommonEnosrian, Magic1Your demonic ancestry has manifested in your voice, aiding your speech.
Honeyed WordsCommonEnosrian, Magic5Alluring VoiceYour words flow like honey and can take on a magical quality.
Silver TongueCommonEnosrian, Magic9Alluring VoiceYou can make people follow your every word.
Dominating CommandCommonEnosrian, Magic13Alluring VoiceYou can use your words to dominate the minds of others.
Fiendish Spell ResistancesCommonEnosrian9Your demonic ancestry has granted you some resistances against spells.
Fiendish ClawsCommonEnosrian5Ancient Blood ThyllkthoronYour claws have grown stronger.
Abyssal ClawsCommonEnosrian9Ancient Blood ThyllkthoronYour claws are infused with the powers of the Abyss.
This stat block goes with the Redeemed setting.