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Alchemical OilsBack to Top
Alchemical oils are a recent invention that allows weapons, armor, and other items to take on a variety of properies for a limited time. The following oils are categorized based on whether they are for armor or weaponry though, unless specified otherwise, any oil can be placed on any hard and smooth surface with approximately the same amount of area. Unless specified otherwise, all alchemical oils last for 1 hour and take at-least 1 full-round action to apply. Careful application can take longer but no longer than a minute as the substances begin reacting immediately and taking excessive time can cause the application to not take. There is no benefit to spending longer when applying the oil. The listed prices are for a single dose.
Alchemical oils overlap heavily with weapon blanches, with every common type of weapon blanch having an alchemical oil substitution. However, alchemical oils are nearly always more practical due to often being cheaper and lasting for more than a single blow.
So called "All-Day" alchemical oils can also be purchased or crafted that last for 18 hours after application and are designed to be applied during normal daily equipment maintainence. These oils cost three times the normal amount and their craft DC is 5 higher. Adventurers who believe they will be needing the oil's effect constantly throughout the day or at a moment's notice when they won't have the time to apply the oil generally prefer these longer lasting variants despite the increased cost.
Cold Iron50 gpBoth25
Silver5 gpBoth25
Adamantine375 gpArmor25
Adamantine75 gpWeapon25
Noqual300 gpArmor25
Noqual13 gpWeapon25
Annort375 gpArmor25
Annort25 gpWeapon25
Luminescent25 gpBoth15
Luminescent, Greater750 gpBoth25
Force175 gpBoth29
Corrosive50 gpWeapon28
Flaming50 gpWeapon28
Frost50 gpWeapon28
Shock50 gpWeapon28
Sticky300 gpWeapon28
Bitter750 gpArmor25
Mirror Polish300 gpArmor28
Arcane Mirror Polish4,550 gpArmor33
Slick50 gpArmor24
Slick, Improved200 gpArmor30
Slick, Greater450 gpArmor35
Putrid250 gpArmor25
Energy Resistance, Lesser50 gpArmor21
Energy Resistance200 gpArmor23
Energy Resistance, Improved450 gpArmor27
Energy Resistance, Greater800 gpArmor31