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Unfortunately, the quintenium alloy feruchemical effects have been a source of quite a bit of frustration and several of the metals are so far entirely undecided and many are lacking savantism effects. If you intend to use these rules I suggest you either ignore the missing portions. Though, if you're up for a challenge, GMs could try to improvise the missing portions. Some of missing portions are ue to a lack of creativity as to what to put there while others it is unclear how to balance it.
Quintenium/IronStores SizePhysical
Quintenium/SteelStores FlexibilityPhysical
Quintenium/TinStores Sound VolumePhysical
Quintenium/PewterStores SubstancePhysical
Quintenium/ZincStores VisibilityPhysical
Quintenium/BrassStores Energy ResistancePhysical
Quintenium/CopperStores SkillCognitive
Quintenium/BronzeStores FocusCognitive
Quintenium/ChromiumStores Natural ArmorPhysical
Quintenium/NicrosilStores Caster LevelSpiritual
Quintenium/AluminumStores Morality (Maybe, WIP)Cognitive
Quintenium/DuraluminStores Social Adeptness/ComfortCognitive
This stat block goes with the Cosmere setting.