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21 pages in this section.

Book of Endless Pages1,500 gpnone1st
Goodberry Sprig720 gpnone1st
Money Changer's Pouch2,000 gpnone9th
Unprepared Wizard's Component Pouch135,000 gpnone5th
Boulder of Annihilation150,000 gpnone7th
Bandages of Quarantine3,000 gpbody3rd
Token of Domination45,000 gpnone9th
Phantom Mount Whistle24,000 gpnone5th
Shadow Companion Whistle30,000 gpnone13th
Shadow Companion Whistle, Lesser9,000 gpnone7th
Shadow Companion Whistle, Greater50,000 gpnone17th
Mage Spice25 gpnone1st
Blessed Embalming Oils18,000 gpnone3rd
Sustaining Pitcher86,000 gpnone7th
Blasting Wand1,800 gpnone1st
Blasting Staff2,700 gpnone9th
Vespran Disguise Mask18,000 gpnone3rd
Mage Lamp675 gpnone5th
Providing Pitcher5,400 gpnone5th
Spell Memory Tome108,000 gpnone18th
Sweet Odors13,500 gpnone5th