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Automated Construction NodeBack to Top
Aura Faint Universal; CL 3rd
+10804,000 gp402 BP0xBC70 I0xBC NBP
+201,204,000 gp602 BP0x1,1A30 I0x11A NBP
+301,604,000 gp802 BP0x1,77F0 I0x178 NBP
+402,004,000 gp1,002 BP0x1,D5B0 I0x1D6 NBP
+502,404,000 gp1,202 BP0x2,3370 I0x233 NBP
An automated construction node houses 8 constructs that are bound to the structure. If they are removed from the structure they cease to function. These constructs can each make 16,000 gp worth of progress on one or more items per day. They roll the associated craft check once at the completion of the item, if the check succeeds the item is completed. If the check fails the time is wasted but the materials are preserved and can be used to try again. The bonus possessed by these constructs can be increased at an increased cost in making the structure.
The constructs within an automated construction node must first be programmed to create the given item. To do so a creature must spend time and materials as if creating the desired item according to the normal rules except no product is produced. The creature must also make make all relevant in creating the item and if they fail to create the item they must start over with new materials. The constructs can be reprogrammed using the same process but, like its non-automated counterpart, each automated construction node is associated with a given craft skill and it can only be used to create items using that skill.
Automated construction nodes must be regularly supplied material otherwise they cease functioning.
Requirements Construct Magic Building, fabricate;
+10402,000 gp201 BP0x5E38 I0x5E NBP
+20602,000 gp301 BP0x8D18 I0x8D NBP
+30802,000 gp401 BP0xBBF8 I0xBC NBP
+401,002,000 gp501 BP0xEAD8 I0xEB NBP
+501,202,000 gp601 BP0x1,19B8 I0x11A NBP
This stat block goes with the Amospia setting.