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NameCost (gp)Cost (I*)SlotCL
Voidstone2,000 gpnone1st; see text
Return Totem104,000 gp0x1860 Inone11th
Return Badge1,625 gp0x61 I, 8 Pnone11th
Simple Return Badge1,300 gp0x4E Inone11th
Martyr's Return Badge4,235 gp0xFE I, 2 Pnone11th
Sailor's Return Badge12,500 gp0x2EE Inone11th
Spy's Return Badge4,235 gp0xFE I, 2 Pnone11th
Traveler's Return Badge4,700 gp0x11A Inone11th
Brilliant Material Stone90,000 gp0x1563 Inone9th
Ring of Instant Armament72,000 gp0x10E0 IRing20th

* Iridescent Pearls. A Narmen currency measured in base 16 worth 16 gp.