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At their height, Narmen possessed knowledge and technology capable of battling the endless hordes of demons and void gods coming up from the direction of Heart of Darkness. One of the remnants of this is referred to as Magic Architecture. Unsatisfied by the limitations of standard magic item creation, Narmen learned to build complex engines capable of manipulating large amounts of power. Due the size of these devices they are often worked into the structure of buildings. Most of these buildings are unique though some followed plans designed for easy replication.
NameCost (gp)Cost (BP)Cost (I*)Cost (NBP**)CL
Construction Node800,000 gp200 BP0xBB80 I0xBC NBP3rd
Automated Construction Node (+10)804,000 gp201 BP0xBC80 I0xBD NBP5th
Automated Construction Node (+20)1,204,000 gp301 BP0x1,1A40 I0x11A NBP5th
Automated Construction Node (+30)1,604,000 gp401 BP0x1,7800 I0x178 NBP5th
Automated Construction Node (+40)2,004,000 gp501 BP0x1,D5C0 I0x1D6 NBP5th
Automated Construction Node (+50)2,404,000 gp601 BP0x2,3380 I0x234 NBP5th

* Iridescent Pearls. A Narmen currency measured in base 16 worth 16 gp.
** Narmen Build Points. Approximately 256 Iridescent Pearls or 4096 gold. Measured in base 16.

This stat block goes with the Amospia setting.