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Aura Overwhelming Conjuration; CL 25th
Slot none; Price —; Weight
These strange objects are a little over 12 feet tall and are largely composed of two 5-feet tall rounded cones pointing up and down away from each other, made of a gray, unknown, indestructible stone. Between the stones is a roughly 2 and a half foot tall cylinder whose surface has the same strange visual qualities as an ender portal. If an ender pearl is cast through this surface, the throwing creature is transported to the outer islands below a matching gateway located between 2 and 40 feet in the air. Each gateway, around the main island, is connected two-way to one other gateway at the outer islands. Other gateways can be found the outer islands. Transporting through these gateways return the creature to the obsidian platform.
If a sphere of annihilation is brought in contact with an active end gateway's portal surface, it tears a greater hole from reality creating a rift that drags all objects within 1,000 feet into a random location in the End. The rift lasts for 2d4 rounds before shutting. Afterward the gateway and sphere cannot be found.
This stat block goes with the Minecraft setting.